Investment Philosophy

We primarily employ a GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price) strategy when analyzing potential investments. We strive to create investment portfolios consisting of high quality businesses at compelling valuations. We employ an active management approach that aims to strike an optimal balance between opportunity and risk. We utilize a top down approach to identify opportunistic sectors and a bottom up approach to select the best companies within those sectors. Our investment process is rigorous and relies upon fundamental analysis of an individual business's attributes and risks.

​Our Buy Discipline

  • Quality and vision of management team

  • Management team must be shareholder oriented

  • Quality of future cash flows and earnings

  • Healthy margin profile

  • Financially sound; minimal/moderate leverage

  • Strong and defensible competitive position

  • Assessment of macro risk

  • Improving/Growing sector with large Total Addressable Market (TAM)

  • Seek margin of safety to intrinsic value

​Our Sell Discipline

  • Deteriorating business fundamentals

  • Negative changes in the competitive landscape

  • Negative regulatory changes

  • Negative changes to senior management

  • Poor acquisitions outside of management's core expertise

  • Investment surpasses fair value and places risk to the downside

  • Investment position is outsized to relative portfolio

  • Macro considerations

At Private Wealth Partners, LLC we work as your personal investment adviser offering you investment advice and portfolio management for individual, family, trust, charity and retirement accounts. We serve clients nationally but predominantly in California.

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